The Classic DB Lagonda        

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Production of the DB Lagonda 2.6 litre cars started  in late 1948, with two notable cars.  The first year of real production was 1949 with ca. 20 cars sold, of which six were dhc models and continued until 1953. In total 512 cars were produced of which ca. 125 were dhc models.


The body styling of the cars was by Frank Feeley who had been at Lagonda from the mid-1920's and was responsible for the pre-war LG6 and V12 cars and post-was Aston Martins. Described as both graceful and modern in period, similar in frontal style to the AC 2 lire, Daimler Empress, amongst others, the saloon  dated rapidly as more modern full body slab-form styling became the fashion in the early-mid 1950's..  By the end of the model run when the 2.6 litre Mk2 was introduced, the car was considered old fashioned, but it was still popular with the middle-upper monied classes. However, as the 1950's, moved away from post-war austerity, other car makers such as Jaguar, Daimler and Bentley offered far more modern and to present day eyes, possibly more stylish and better equipped cars.


The 2.6 litre DB Lagonda sold reasonably well in post-war Britain although it was expensive at £3,420, heavy (1543 kg), and struggled to a top speed of ca.  90 mph. The 4 door saloon version was a little cheaper at £3110.  


The survival rate of these cars is poor, due to so many cars being broken up for their sister DB2's for their engine and gear-box.  Short term thinking of course, these cars rank as amongst the last of the true hand-build English gentleman's carriages, and are a delight to drive.  In my opinion a two-tone colour combination works best on all of these cars to bring out the unique Feeley styling in the complex body shape and lines.


LAG/48/4 this was the first saloon production car, and sold to Natal in Africa in November 1948, to Sir George Usher, and originally with a single bench type front seat.  The car originally with engine LB6/48/12 and a Cotal gearbox with number of COT9HC.  The car has had an eventful life, in the 1990's an unscrupulous car dealer sold the engine and gearbox out of the car and abandoned this Laognda in a field.  The car has since been recovered and much work has been done to bring the car back from scrap.  


LAG/48/5 the first drop head coupe,  registered as SMX 10 in April 1948, with engine LB6/11.  The saloon with the roof removed, was re-styled by Frank Feeley with many of his signature curves, especially around the boot area, and built by Lagonda, to make a more attractive car out of the 2.6 litre.  This was the 1948 motor show car, used as press car by AML and then passed to  Mrs. Angela Brown as her personal car for a number of years. The car was subject to an extensive restoration in the period 1990-2000, and presents today as a very fine car,  much pictured and admired as the first post-war DB 2.6 litre Lagonda dhc.