The Classic DB Lagonda        

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The 2.6 saloon cars from 1948 - 1953


These cars were produced in the standard drab post-war single colour paint schemes, with a contrasting coloured leather interior, with hides supplied by Connolly. These cars do look so much more handsome in  two-tone body paint schemes to bring out the mulitple curves of the Frank Feeley design. Unfortunately, out of the approx. 400 cars made in period, there are currently only ca. 18 cars road registered and used.


The chassis numbers run from  LAG/48/4 to LAG/50/501 the last Mk1 saloon. I will include production figures year by year on a separate page


More cars are appearing all of the time, especially the saloons, from long term storage, be it single garages, lock-ups and perhaps the odd barn.  They all have the same  substantial restoration costs, replacing the sills, significant rust to the cruciform x-frame, but most expensive is rebuilding and repair of the ash-frame which the aluminmum body panels are attached to. There is all the luxury interior to restore or have renovated in terms of the leather seat coverings, head-lining, carpets and walnut veneered dash and door cappings.


The engines are often found in a siezed condition, if they are still there, normally having been robbed for their DB sisters, along with the DB 4-speed gearbox.  Two types of gear-shift were seen on these cars, either steering column operated on the earlier cars, or floor shift on later ones.  It is posible to convert a steering column to a floor shift by removal and changing of  the top plate and fittings.  No auto-box or lhd were offered as options.


Engine bays seem to have been either painted body colour or black.  Normally seen with a single 12 volt battery, doing away with the  original two 6 volts batteries, a sensible conversion.


I have added a slide-show of a number of different Lagonda saloon's from around the world, I hope you enjoy them, and will add more as and when owners send me pictures.