The Classic DB Lagonda        

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The standard production 3.0 mk 1  2-door coupes run from chassis,  LAG/50/462, registered in 3rd January 1954 and finish with chassis LB290/81 which was registered on May 1955. My records indicate that there were 50 of these cars made.


The works used the final batch of 23 2.6-Litre chassis, and these  were completed and sold by the factory with 3.0-litre engines


All of these figures will be rechecked and data will be outputted graphically and tabulated for double checking,


These cars were practically all built with bodies by Tickford, using the design started with by the" Brookland's of Bond Street series of 16 cars" in 1953.

The cars used a new eenhanced dash-board first seen on the Brooklands 2.6/3.0 series. This now has a rev-counter with the drive taken off the exhaust side cam-shaft.  The ignition cluster is on the left hand side separate from the three other gauges.


The grab handle is located above the dash glove-box, this will move in the mk2 cars.


The car with early original "tripod" style front head-lights, most attractive in format.  The front-windscreen with all round corners  correct, original style  rear oblong shaped indicators lights.  The heater vent located on top of the bulkhead, and note the early tear-drop shaped petrol filler caps from earlier 2.6 litre car (red car), changed during production for the oblong version (green car).  The green Coupe with correct oblong rear number plate surround and holder, wheel hub trims with body colour, sometimes also red to centres;


The front and rear seats possbly re-trimmed;, but they look good  there is also a conversion from steering column shift to floor-shift, very practical.


Lagonda  Mk1  3.0 Coupe