The Classic DB Lagonda        

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1955-58 Lagonda 3,0 mk2 dhc's

The Lagonda 3,0 mk2 dhc's  start with chassis LB290/1/82 which was registered  on 19th April 1955 and the last one sold was chassis LB290/1/267.  This was registered on 7th November 1956.


There were small changes between the mk 1 and mk 2 cars; and these include some or all of the following:


1. Two chrome sill strips beneath the door instead of one strip.


2.  Different rear light clusters


3.  A square shaped rear number light holder


4. The ignition cluster on the dash board was moved to the rhs with the other gauges.


5. The front headlights changed from tripod type to plain standard lens.


6. The front windscreen changed from a design with all circular corners to the later design with round top corners and square bottom corners.


7.  Change from steering column gear-shift to floor mounted gear-shift.


8. Petrol filler flaps changed to oblong design.

The exact number of 3.0 Mk 2 cars is variously quoted as either 4 or 5, both figures which I believe to be wrong.  If one takes LB290/1/82 as the first of these cars, careful counting reveals that 39 Mk 2 dhc's were built up to the last car LB290/1/267.  The last coach-built Lagonda from Feltham, was sold by Brooklands of Bond Street to the Earl of Inchcape.