The Classic DB Lagonda        

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Bespoke  Cars by Outside Coachbuilders

There were 8 bare chassis from the 2.6 Mk 1 production which were either show chassis or went to outside coach builders :



Gurney Nutting Ltd  Saloon                                       - LAG/49/16 with registration KLR 777  see new page


Tice & Sons of Bournemouth (unknown)                - LAG/49/28  with registration number KRU 339


Tice & Sons of Bournemouth Saloon                      - LAG/49/40 with registration number LEL 282


Grabber of Switzerland  dhc                                     - LAG/50/405 registered on 11/1951


Paterson of Belfast  (unknown)                                -LAG/ 50/196 currently being investigated through contact in Ireland      


Experimental chassis                                                 - LAG/49/24


Motor Show Chassis  (2-door coupe)                    - LAG/50/106 converted to the 3.0 motor show chassis, and sold as a 3.0 2-door coupe


Motor Show Chassis                                                 - LAG/50/110, used for the works Lagonda 2.6 2-door van, with club member