The Classic DB Lagonda        

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DP 113 " Red Monster" 2.6 litre engined car, has not been heard of for many years, possibly not surviving into the 21st century., and most likely scrapped by the works in period.


This would  be LAG/50/113  in terms of correct chassis number. No pictures or further information on this car is known.


Year made was 1949/50; registration number was XMC 43 ; and the car was bodied as a 4-door saloon. The picture with th split screen shows similarities to DP111 (ca. 1951), note squashed up radiator grill, two small side grills and the bulge to bonnet.  These are part of the theme which would be carrid over into the Rapide in 1961.


The second picture shows the car with a single screen to the front and at the 1952 Millie Miligia. Note the characterstic Lagonda wheel trims.  Also of interest are the signal indicators set into the front wings of the car.

LAG-50-113 Red Monster1 Red Monster