The Classic DB Lagonda        

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EX2 is still largely as it was in the 1950's.  This is the second of the  4-seater saloon prototypes, built with faired in front head lamps similar to many 1940's British cars and also designed by Frank Feeley. It is believed to have also started life with a Cotal gearbox, the same as for EX1 and EX3.


The original body was removed pre-1947 and the rolling chassis was sent over to  Vanden Plas for new bodywork in Belgium , along with the other prototypes. The reason being that Vanden Plas in England  became a subsidary of the Austin Motor Company in 1946, and so was no longer available to W.O. Bentley. The car with the two-piece doors unique to these prototypes, no stone guards to the rear wings, and wing topped quarter-lights. The seating arrangment to the front of the car, possibly originally a bench seat  (like LAG/48/4),  converted over to standard two seat arrangement in period at the works.


The car was sold in 1948 to Mr. E. Hirst, a Yorkshire farmer, and it is possible that he may have purchased the remains of EX1 at the same time.  At some point in the period 1949-51, this gentleman died, and the car was either sold back to the factory or possibly re-claimed due to an unpaid bill.


When this car was brougt back to the factory, it became the company taxi, and was fitted with a 4-speed DB gearbox, and engine changes are recorded three times during  its working life, all documented of course.  


In January 1952, the original experimental chassis was replaced by LAG/50/442. The body colour was originally green and in 1959 it was resprayed black.  David Brown Tractors Ltd sold the car in 1962 to  aprivate owner. The car has survived, although sadly no longer road-worthy and requiring a full restoration.  The  car still carries it  originally registration  of LPF 774, and now fitted with side indicators for use in modern traffic.

LAG 50 EXP2 LAG 50 EXP2a