The Classic DB Lagonda        

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After the initial 3 prototytpes had been made, a further batch of 3 cars were built, with the chassis numbers, LAG/48/1 through to 3.  The chassis's  were sent to Vanden Plas to be bodied by them.  Note the styling queue's and similarities between the car shown here and EX2 and EX3 in terms of the body-work.


LAG/48/1 was registered as LPG 775  in July 1947 and originally had an early engine, LB6/48/7, with external timing chain and possibly a Cotal gearbox.  The car was bodied as a saloon, with leather interior and walnut capped door mouldings and dash-board.  The car was tested in period on the high speed contential roads through to Switzerland. Currently, no pictures or further details about this car are known.


LAG/48/2 is registered as LPG 777 and recently resurfaced after many years off the radar, originally with engine LB6/48/8. The car has survived with remarkably original patina, currently with black body colour and seemingly original cream coloured leather interior. The car now fitted with a steering column gear-shift DB gearbox, and an interior becoming increasingly closer to the production model. The walnut veneered  dash-board  with a Smiths speedo/clock, a gauge for fuel/temp, oil and battery charge and the ignititon/key cluster.  


The styling and layout very much like that on the pre-war V12, however, do note the abscence of a rev-counter, and the speedo-up to 100 mph, the car struggling to reach 90 mph due to its weight and slightly under-powered engine. Note the front fog lights in the early position, and the car with what appears to be an original sliding panel sun-roof, boot etc.


LAG/48/3 was finally registered as TME 475 in December 1948, and originally had engine LB6/48/9. The third car to be sent to Vanden Plas, and first sent to Switzerland for sale, returning unsold, hence the late registration date.  The  car was owned in the 1960's by N. A. Steel-Jessop, but the whereabouts of this car are currently unknown.

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